Demi Lovato: Holy Fvck Album Review

Demi Lovato could have drawn from her own comeback playbook. The singer, whose battles with addiction and mental illness have been widely documented and dissected since they first sought treatment in 2010, has historically returned from rehab with a solemn message about their struggle. In 2011, it was with “Skyscraper,” a raw power ballad about … Read more

Season 6, Episode 13, “Saul Gone”

Rhea Seehorn in Better Call Saulphoto: Greg Lewis/AMC/Sony Pictures Television When asked to give a hint about how Better Call Saul would wrap up during a Tribeca Festival panel in June, Bob Odenkirk offered two words: “second life.” That clue turned out to be much pithier and more perfect than anyone might have guessed. And … Read more

Reactions to the attack on writer Salman Rushdie

Aug 12 (Reuters) – Here are reactions to Friday’s attack on novelist Salman Rushdie. read more SUZANNE NOSSEL, CEO OF FREE EXPRESSION ORGANIZATION PEN AMERICA: “We can think of no comparable incident of a public attack on a literary writer on American soil. Just hours before the attack, on Friday morning, Salman had emailed me … Read more