Promoting Healthy Competition – Competition Bureau’s Digital Health Care Market Study

The COVID-19 pandemic has reinvigorated interest in modernizing Canada’s health care system. For its part, the Competition Bureau (“bureau”) has undertaken a digital health care market study, examining how pro‑competitive policies can foster innovation and bring about greater choice and access to digital health care services for Canadians. After consultations with a range of stakeholders, … Read more

COVID-19 Insurance Coverage Lawsuit in California Courts

Monday, November 21, 2022 One of the threshold issues in COVID-19 insurance coverage cases that have been brought across the country is whether the policyholder’s allegations meet the applicable pleading standard in alleging that the virus caused physical loss or damage. In many cases, the courts have gotten it wrong, effectively holding policyholders to a … Read more

Arkansas Employers Switching to High-Deductible Health Plans | Arkansas Business News

We were unable to send the article. Arkansas employers and workers were slow to join the rush to high-deductible health plans, but they’ve seriously made up for lost time, switching to health savings account plans more rapidly than any other state since 2015. “That’s definitely one trend in insurance these days,” said Greg Hatcher, CEO … Read more

Medibank data breach: How to switch health insurers if you’re worried about cybersecurity, costs or claims

More than half of Australians hold private health insurance. About one quarter, or almost four million people, are members of Medibank – Australia’s largest health insurer and the company at the center of a current cybersecurity breach. WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: How to protect yourself following a data breach. For more Health & Wellbeing related … Read more

3 Medical Tests You Can Take at Home

Using an at-home medical test may feel a little like playing doctor, but it shouldn’t. Even before the pandemic turned nose swabbing into an art form, plenty of Americans were buying direct-to-consumer tests to assess any number of health matters, from learning cholesterol and hormone levels to finding out whether they’re pregnant or have sleep … Read more

The disastrous implications of lifting Zero-COVID in China

In the past week, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) government has initiated a dangerous shift in policy away from the Zero-COVID elimination strategy which has been in place across China since the beginning of the pandemic. The clearest evidence for this change is last Friday’s issuance of 20 measures by the National Health Commission (NHC) … Read more