FCC and AGs combat robocalls: Better Business Bureau

I’ve written earlier columns about the FTC’s efforts to reduce the number of illegal robocalls. The Federal Communications Commission and state Attorneys General are equally aggressive in combating them.

In February, the FCC proposed a $45 million fine against a Florida company called Interstate Brokers of America that allegedly made over 514,000 illegal robocalls to generate leads for health insurance companies. It’s the largest fine ever assessed under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, although it won’t be imposed until the company has a chance to provide evidence and legal arguments rebutting the FCC’s charges.

The company purchased lists of phone numbers from third-party vendors and also acquired numbers from consumers who researched health insurance online but didn’t consent to receive robocalls peddling it. One complainant said, “Message left from ‘Ashley’ from the Health care center calling to announce open enrollment for health care due to COVID-19. …Called on my work cell phone that I do no personal business on.”

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