Space Rock Strike on Webb Telescope Was Just Bad Luck, NASA Team Says

In late May, the Webb Space Telescope’s tranquil commissioning process was interrupted by an uncommonly large micrometeoroid strike on one of the $10 billion observatory’s mirrors. Now, a NASA-led analysis of the event indicates the impact was a statistical anomaly and the telescope will be less susceptible to space rock damage in the futuree. Micrometeoroids … Read more

Cygnus Spacecraft Reaches ISS With One Functioning Solar Array

The Cygnus spacecraft moments after being captured by Canadarm2.image: NASATV the ss Sally Ride has safely docked at the International Space Station following a nail-biting journey in which one of its two solar arrays failed to deploy. Star Wars: Shatterpoint Announcement Trailer 02:27 The First Things To Do In VR, Part 3 Today 9:39AM Northrop … Read more

NASA Conducts ‘Dangerous’ Test of a Vacuum Gun to Study Space Rock Collisions

NASA is up to something in Las Cruces, New Mexico. In this remote location, the agency is studying how different spacecraft designs will interact with super-tiny rocks whipping through space. As NASA gears up for more missions off our planet, there’s a lot that can go wrong. From rocket failures to leaky airlocks, you might … Read more

NASA’s ‘Lunar Backpack’ Could Prevent Astronauts From Getting Lost on the Moon

NASA Planetary Scientist Michael Zanetti testing out the backpack in Potrillo volcanic field in New NASA/Michael Zanetti The moon is not the kind of place where you want to get lost, but it can get a little tricky trying to retrace your dusty footsteps without a GPS system in place. Thankfully, space engineers may … Read more

Third Test of NASA Megarocket Foiled by Hydrogen Leak

NASA’s third attempt at a modified rehearsal of the Space Launch System (SLS) came to a halt on Thursday when a leak of liquid hydrogen was detected during tanking operations. The space agency is planning another wet dress rehearsal for the Moon rocket no earlier than April 21. This is the latest in several setbacks … Read more

Unprecedented Image Captures Freakishly Large Solar Eruption

The solar prominence as observed by Solar Orbiter on February 15, 2022.image: Solar Orbiter/EUI Team/ESA & NASA The Solar Orbiter spacecraft had a frontrow view this week of the Sun giving out an unusually large belch, resulting in a one-of-a-kind image. Solar Orbiter observed the solar prominence, or filament, on February 15, according to a … Read more